Thomas Edison Inventions - Innovations from One of the Prolific Scientists

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Born on 11 February 1847, Thomas Alva Edison has been one of the most prolific inventors in history with more than 1093 US patents in his name and countless others in UK, France and Germany. His contribution to the field of telecommunications is the most significant among all his works.

Thomas Edison Inventions - Changing the Way of Life Globally

Among the list of Thomas Edison inventions there are many, which have become household necessities today changing the very way people live around the world. The lightbulb, phonograph and motion pictures are his major contributions which have greatly influenced scientific progress of human kind. The best part about Thomas Edison inventions that they could be easily mass produced and put to practical use by the masses. For his extraordinary works that have a profound influence on many daily use gadgets of the modern world, he has been recognized through various awards, memorials and many places and museums named after him.

Edison Phonograph - The Beginning of Telecommunications

The first major invention of the Wizard of Menlo Park was the Edison phonograph made from tin foil. "Mary had a little lamb" was the first short message recorded by the tin foil cylinder created by him to his own amazement. Edison phonograph was based on rotating cylinders that played back recorded sound, which later led to the development of discs. This was the first invention that brought him into international limelight. In 1878, he established the Edison Speaking Phonograph Company that mass produced and sold his invention to the common people.

Thomas Edison Light Bulb - A Landmark in Science

The development of the practical incandescent electric light better known as the Thomas Edison electric bulb was his greatest challenge. however to be fair it was not Edison who completely invented it, but rather developed on a fifty year old idea to bring it up to practically usable standards. During the research on getting the right filament for the Thomas Edison electric bulb, he also developed seven critical systems for the practical application of electricity to replace the gas lights. The success of this invention brought him to the peak of his fame as an inventor.


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Thomas Edison Inventions - Innovations from One of the Prolific Scientists

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